OUR Services

All plating at Advance Plating is Tri-valent. We provide rack and barrel plating and have capabilities from very small lots to large production runs. WE are IS0 9000-2008 certified. Advance plates parts for application in BMW, Mercedes, Gm, Honda, Toyota, Ford, Kia, Chrysler and other auto companies. In addition we provide plating services for various industries including, but not limited to; tooling, gaming, computer, furniture, lighting, hardware, fastener and trucking. Our barrel configurations allow us to plate parts with fine external threads with little or no impingement of the threads.

Zinc Plating

We offer zinc nickel along with clear, yellow and black. We utilize Dipsol chromates which provide 240 hrs plus to red rust. We are able to plate parts smaller than a pea to a maximum of 17 by 48 by 108.